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    3g GPS Device £79 + £8.50

    From: £8.50

    The £79 special offer provides a Single GPS device for Mileage Capture.  You then pay just £8.50 per month to access the PEAK system.  Alternatively, PAY up front and get a device plus 12 months access to peak for just £149.  Sign up  to the £149 deal here


  • 3g GPS – Monthly Subscription Only

    £8.50 / month

    This subscription is for access to PEAK Mileage Capture GPS

    Our PEAK GPS solution uses our patent pending GPS dongle or our IPhone app to offer the final word in accuracy and compliance.  Using PEAK GPS the claim sheet is pre-populated with the actual journey traveled meaning a completely accurate claim can be produced in around 5 minutes.

    The inclusion of GPS data means that overestimation is eliminated and HMRC compliance is achieved. The GPS reporting also opens up new levels of reporting including driver risk reporting, unsociable hours reporting, sales and client visit reports and time-sheet reporting.

    This Package does not include a Trip Stick and is used with a 3g GPS Trip Stick



  • GPS PEAK Trip Stick 3 for 2 – Plus 12 Months Access (£198 +VAT, Normally £432 plus VAT)

    £9.98 / month with 1 year free trial and a £198.00 sign-up fee

    The £198 but two, get one free special offer enables a three users to access all available features on the PEAK mileage System including three GPS Trip Sticks.

    After 12 months this will revert to £4.99 per month per user.

    [highlight1]LIMITED TO ONE ORDER PER CUSTOMER[/highlight1]

    Postage:  We will normally post the devices the same day we receive the order (excluding weekends)

    How It Works

    1. Place the trip stick in your car in the cigarette lighter and it will record all your trips
    2. Upload the trips to the PEAK system and review your claim removing any personal journeys and adding in a trip reason and customer
    3. Create your claim report. Simply create a mileage report that can be submitted to a payroll manager or bookkeeper

    Key Features/Benefits

    1. Its accurate meaning you claim all the miles you travelled with no under or over estimation
    2. Its quick it takes about 6.2 minutes a month
    3. It works for anyone claiming mileage
    4. There is no professional install as it takes just 10 seconds to place in the car
    5. We have nearly 1000 customers and more than 36,000 users
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    GPS 3g Trip Stick (Device Only)

    £102.00 £79.00

    This is for one PEAK, 3g/GPS Device, this needs to be purchased with a Subscription to PEAK 3g Service for £8.50 per month

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    GPS 3g 12 Months Access to PEAK

    £102.00 £99.00

    This package gives you 12 months access to PEAK 3g GPS Package.

    This is a yearly subscription of £99 and assumes you have a 3g GPS device.




  • Sale!

    GPS 3g Trip Stick and 12 Months Access to PEAK

    £222.00 £149.00

    The £149 special offer enables a single user to access all available features on the PEAK mileage System including 1 (one) GPS Trip Stick.

    After 12 months this will revert to £8.50 per month.